About Marielle
picture of me !
grass touching amateur~ ! (✿◡‿◡) art by Sleepybunsu!
blood type AB+
favorite pokemon pachirisu
height 5'4"
languages EN / FR
occupation gaymer / h4ck3r B)
pronouns she / her
species uparupamimi / axolotl girl

Welcome to Mari's Page !

hey im marielle~ ヾ(•ω•`)o ! you can also just call me mari for short ! i spend a lot of my time indoors ... a lot ... which i spend mostly gayming and being super dumb and gay but i also spend that time programming ... cause that is what i like to do ! i like creating small game projects in the godot engine to be specific ... i also watch anime and vtubers !

strawby axolotl girl fueled on nothing but caffeine~ ! o((>ω< ))o

Stuff I Like !

  • messing around in the godot game engine. i like game design and programming.
  • genshin, star rail, blue archive. yeah i am a GOBLIN !!! fueled on kokopium ...
  • character design and individualization (❁´◡`❁). prob why I like vtubers, gacha, and stuff like that.
  • vtubers: chibidoki, marimari_en, tobs, etc ...

Cursor Downloads !

notice the custom cursor on this site ? prob not if you're on mobile ... you can have an animated version of it with the provided download and instructions below !



do not edit or redistribute these cursors anywhere ! if you wanna share with others just send them here UwU". cursors are intended for use on windows 7+.

download my cursor~ !


follow these instructions curated by mini on how to install the cursors; it's just a simple zip file extraction, loading up an install script, and changing some windows settings !

mini's cursor setup guide~ ! (v6)


these cursors were created and provided by minimoonbun. check out their work, they make very cute pixel art !

Artfulistic Credits !

sleepy @Sleepybunsu
my creator~ ! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
bryce 3d background.
luna @Mymeluna
created the "raspbyberry" logo~ !
mini @minimoonbun
created the mari cursor and raspby favicon~ !

Raspby A

Polaris B