raspby!! the blue raspberry flavored squirrel girl!!

about me

hai im raspby!! :3c and yah im half squirrel and half (human) girl, a kemonomimi or risumimi as i like to think of myself!! i run my berry own ice cream parlor called raspby's creamery!! as you may guess i spend a good portion of my day serving up delicious, sweet, icey treats. but on my own free time i like spending it hanging out n talking to others online ^^. i made this webbed site as a way to organize a general lil "about me" description and to have an omega mass lobby hub connecting all my accounts. squeak squeak

quick facts

blood type O+
fav pokemon quagsire
height 5'2"
job ice cream parlorista
pronouns she/her
species risumimi (squirrel girl)

things i enjoy

  • youtube rabbit hole bingeing πŸ•³οΈπŸ‡
  • streamers; vinesauce joey, vinty, laimu,, and jerma 😐
  • pretty much all things sweet :3c especialy icey cream!!
  • talking and hanging out with my oomfies n oomfettes online ^~^"
  • clear bloo skies n rainbows 🌈
  • all things bloo raspby n sour apple flavored!!

raspby cursor for download!

a berry cute blue raspberry squirrel that you can take with you wherever you go!!

please do not edit or reupload these cursors anywhere else, link others here if you wanna share <3 these cursors only work on windows compupers

  1. download the raspby cursor
  2. follow mini's setup guide to install

cursors were made by @minimoonbun check out her other pixel art it's pretty cute!!

artistic credits

nana @nanart_19
my mama!! (she created me ^~^)
fridge @FridgeDraws
drew the scrunkly raspby above
luna @Mymeluna
"raspbyberry" logo designer
mini @minimoonbun
created raspby cursor and favicon

da great a'linkening

email n twitter are prob the easiest places to message me πŸ₯ΊπŸ™ clicking the email froggy below will auto open up whatever email is connected to your browser! i usually mirror whatever i post on twitter to bluesky (or vice versa)